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An elevated experience.

discover Heidi's

Located in the heart of Cocoa Beach, Heidi's is a place that fosters late-night conversations, moments over a shared meal, and the chance to meet new friends and colleagues within a warm and welcoming environment. The space offers two distinct experiences: The Jazz Club and the Restaurant. 

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The restaurant 

With an elegant ambiance, the Restaurant offers continental European classics, as well as desserts that showcase traditional recipes. We serve classic cocktails and a wide selection of old world and new world wines. Experience our classic dishes with a twist for lunch daily from 12-4pm. 

Heidi's jazz club

A dining experience featuring continental European cuisine, classic cocktails, and a wide selection old and new world wines is elevated by live music from local and international performers. 


Join us for


2 SEATINGS | 5:30pm & 8:30pm
LIVE MUSIC | After 5 Band


Join us at the Restaurant

Join us at the Jazz Club

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